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Collectors have enquired over the years, and still do, about the possibility of acquiring past editions of the Post-Nearly Press conversations series. All copies, even damages and rejects, are sold out, and it has always been the intention that these stapled books will not be re-published in that form. This still holds true – only potential future editions with new voices will extend that series.

However, it remains a shame that collectors cannot access the editions they want, especially were the series to continue. To that end a hardback compilation is planned which will feature the five editions to date (with Iain Sinclair, Chris Petit, Andrew Kotting, Alan Moore and Stewart Lee), along with artwork, introduction, foreword and some extras.

Discussions are ongoing with Chroma Editions in the hope of producing this compilation during 2021. Updates will be posted here, on Twitter, and to the mailing list (to which you can subscribe with the link provided).

Meanwhile, please consider Chroma’s exciting new book From Tarmac to Towpath – Excursions into Lockdown. All proceeds from this authentic and completely original publication, with haunting psychogeographical visions and dispatches from thirteen contributors such as Clare Archibald and Joanna Pocock, the book edited by David Banning and Julian Hyde, go to food banks.

From Tarmac to Towpath: Excursions into Lockdown is a collection of works created on the streets of London, Lancashire, Cumbria, Newcastle, Glasgow and the Firth of Forth when the UK was in Lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Featuring text and images from 13 artists across the UK, a document of traces emerges formed of spectral walks, psychogeographical encounters, eerie geometries, deserted towpaths, former railway lines, discarded masks, ghostly enclaves and sudden verdures. While boundaries dissolve, everything is muffled and haunted, desperate for re-connection. Dust, rust and peeling paint triggers acknowledgement of hyperawareness. Stunned side streets and somnolent houses (evoked by Graham Greene as, ‘the unfamiliar shadows of half-things, broken things, former things’) are amongst many captured moments that remind us of the unprecedented emotions and events of life in lockdown.



WHERE ARE THE THINKERS? is the latest item to be published by Post-Nearly Press.

SOLD OUT – but please see here

The fifth book in the Post-Nearly Press conversations series is STEWART LEE – Where Are The Thinkers? The item is original, print-only, and limited edition.

Stewart Lee gives an engrossing and strikingly open account of his stand-up and writing career, his craft, and his cultural influences — with discussion on Alan Moore, Andrew Kötting, Iain Sinclair, Mark E Smith, Derek Bailey and others.

26 double sided pages of original content; stab-stapled; mixed texture paper; original colour cover; cut short of A4.

If you’d like to order, email postnearlypress@gmail.com or go straight on to a transaction described below

UK: PayPal GBP 8.75 to postnearlypress@gmail.com (includes postage). Please include the delivery address on your transaction details.

Not in UK: please email postnearlypress@gmail.com  for postage costs.

Alternative payments such as a direct bank transfer or a UK bank cheque can be arranged – please email to enquire.




Delighted to say that a new, fifth, issue in the conversations series is beginning production, tentatively scheduled to appear late Feb/early March 2018 – and perfectly, the subject is comedian and writer STEWART LEE, who aside from being arguably the finest stand-up working today, is very much there in the narrative of the series with connecting strands involving Iain Sinclair, Andrew Kötting and Alan Moore – all of whom are discussed. More information will follow, and most likely a short extract in due course. In terms of format, the new publication will be much the same as all the others – see the catalogue page – and distribution will be in the same way too. As with the Alan Moore edition, a ‘waiting list’ scenario is on offer (please just send an email to enquire). — Neil.

ICA bookshop and fourth edition

Copies of all three Post-Nearly Press editions are on sale in the ICA bookshop on The Mall (nr. Trafalgar Square), London.

A very special fourth in the ‘conversations’ series will go into production later in the year, available late 16 or early 17.

Meanwhile please enquire about remaining copies, which vary in number edition to edition.







Far-reaching and affecting conversation covering Andrew’s work, methods, inspirations and outlook. Useful and engaging background on Andrew’s working relationship with Iain Sinclair.

54 pages of original content; stab-stapled; straw, snow and granite textured paper; colour cover; inner content double sided; trimmed short of A4. Original cover by Craig Turnbull.

Limited edition; print-only. If you would like to order, please email postnearlypress@gmail.com (or just go straight on to a paypal transaction as described below).

UK: paypal GBP 8.50 to postnearlypress@gmail.com (includes postage)

Elsewhere: please email postnearlypress@gmail.com for postage costs

Alternative payments, cheque etc, all fine: please email to arrange.

Also in the series:

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