CHROMA EDITIONS plans to release the compilation in November 2021. In colour soft-back form (a format which allows a rather more egalitarian price point), it will gather together the content from the five books to date, plus all artwork, and I’m very happy to say it also has a brand new original cover by Craig Turnbull (as shown above).

Also I am thrilled to announce that the book has a substantial and completely exclusive foreword from Iain Sinclair – a bristling and brilliant piece of writing titled Pre-Posthumous Words for Post-Nearly Press. Here’s a snippet:

What you have to appreciate, as a card-carrying ‘post-nearly’ spook, one of the reforgotten with no ticket of return, is that everything that follows is a posthumous dream, spun, as politicians would have it, around ‘the direction of travel’. ‘This is so surreal,’ they bluster. That state of dissociated and unfocused emotionalism required of moderately successful Olympic athletes by media vultures frantic for another orgasm of salt tears. But the experience of not-being-there is as real as it is ever going to get…

More details (and info on how to order) will follow in the next email.

Finally, more exciting news from Chroma. David Banning’s book ‘BOUNDARY SONGS: Notes from the Edge of the Lake District National Park’ has made the Shortlist for The Striding Edge Prize for Guides and Places at the 2021 Lakeland Book Awards.  Winners will be announced on 19th October. See all the Chroma news here.


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