Delighted to announce that the subject of the fourth edition of the Post-Nearly Press conversations series will be Alan Moore. This was recorded recently in Northampton, and further details will be forthcoming regarding publication date etc. As with all editions in the series, it’s a live, face-to-face conversation and will appear as a print-only book. Huge thanks to Alan for an utterly fascinating and expansive interview that touches on a myriad of topics, and includes new material in the form of an extraordinary theatrical performance piece.

A short excerpt will follow in due course.




2 thoughts on “NEW EDITION – ALAN MOORE

    1. postnearlypress Post author

      Hi. It’s looking like mid-January, maybe 19th. If you’d like to email me, I’ll add you to the reservations list and you’ll get an email inviting you to order your copy. Thanks – Neil


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